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Automobile Windshield Sun Shade – Silver Coated Cloth Material – Double Circle


Your automobile can reach high temperatures when in the sun with all the windows rolled up, the sun light can heat up your car seats to the point where you cant sit in them. The sun can also damage the dashboard by discoloring or cracking, fade colors of your seats, or leather interior.  With this sun shade you can experience the interior of your car up to 40% cooler inside than without the Sun Shade being used in Spring and Summer time.
Silver Cloth on the outside to reflect the sunlight
Black Cloth on the inside to block the sunlight

Perfect time to put it up when you go into work, shopping, concerts, camping, beach, outdoor activities, when you return your vehicle will be cool inside.
Perfect for vehicles that are parked for long periods of time

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Coated silver front without suction cup

: 160 × 86 cm
: silver coated cloth t170

Weight 1200--187.0 oz

190x90cm, 160×86cm, 150x70cm, 150x85cm




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