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Men and Women’s Elegant Outdoor Waterproof Windbreaker Winter Coats – USB Heating Jacket – Hiking Camping Trekking Climbing


A Stylish Winter Coat built to last and through harsh weather.
Wind Breaker Winter Coat, windproof, waterproof and anti-odor lining, Night safety reflection design on hood.
100% Polyester with high quality washed cotton lining.

Adjustable heating settings:
Heating Unit generates heat across the left and right abdomen region, and mid back; High, medium, low and smart auto-jump to lower temperature

Heating unit starts in less than 10 seconds: Depending on your needs, and Power Banks you carry.
HOT level: Power Bank 10,000mAH can keep heating for 6 hours, Power Bank 20,000mAh for 12 hours used time.

You will love this winter coat.  Wear this heated jacket on a cold day, outdoor activities, fishing, cycling, golf, skiing, hiking, outdoor work, night shifts, commuting; sleeve is slightly shorter, easy for hand movement

Apparel Washing recommendations:
Machine washable/hand wash (recommended hand wash).  Take out the power bank and put the USB plug in the pocket before washing.

1. Remove the USB plug
2. Access power bank unit
3. Press the power bank output switch
4. Long press the chest temperature control switch for 2 seconds
5. Red light flashes for automatic temperature control heating
6. After the red light flashes for 5 minutes, it will automatically turn into a
   white light for manual temperature control heating. At this time, the
   temperature control can be adjusted manually. The manual adjustment
   temperature control is divided into three modes, the blue light is low
   temperature heating, the gray light is continuous medium temperature
   heating, and the red light is continuous high temperature heating.
7. Press and hold the chest temperature control switch for 2 seconds, and
   turn off the light to stop heating.
Washing Instructions:

Take out the charging unit , recommended hand washing.

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Weight 9000--1200.0 oz

S, 3XL, L, M, 4XL, XXL, XL


Black, DarkGray, Pink, ArmyGreen, ArmyGreen, DarkGray, Blue, Red, Khaki, ArmyGreen, ArmyGreen, DarkGray, ArmyGreen, ArmyGreen, DarkGray, DarkGray, DarkGray, ArmyGreen, DarkGray


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